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Original sport headphone design demo

I had been using my 2nd generation Shuffle with an old set of headphones with a short cable, and later with a sony behind the head design. I tried constructing a prototype by stripping wires on an old Sony Walkman headphone but the wiring is encased in a coating that prevents decent splicing, though I did get sound to come through.

The idea is to offer a disposable solution that requires no charging or blue tooth dependency, offering consumers an affordable and effective headphone suitable for use during exercise and may be affordably replaced when the earphones break. The overhead band is the most stable because it is adjustable and does not bounce when running, does not interfere with the head in a resting position (for example on a bench press) as the behind the head band tends to do.

Wacom drawing test

This was my first experiment with a Wacom Cintiq. I overlayed a sheet of 3M multipurpose transparency film on the board because it offers a tooth, allowing for a more natural drawing surface. The head was really just a quick, curvy form that gave me a subject to test out the pressure sensitivity and push for an inked look.

Frog animation test

My first animation created with Flash 3.0, 1998.

Single-minded Man

Once upon a time, in an office where people sometimes became overly serious about very simple things, I would sometimes assume the identity of 'Single-minded Man' out of my own sense of absurdity, putting one foot in front of the other with furious concentration to walk to the bathroom or meeting. This motion was of course, derived from the old football drill known as "Carioca". This character's brain has only one convolusion represented by a single crosshair, created by the singular concentration impressed deep upon his mind.

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