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Sage 50 Accounting Promotional Videos

Sage Software develops Sage 50 Accounting software (formerly Peachtree Accounting).

To boost consumer confidence at the point of purchase online, the web marketing team proposed creation of a video series that summarize, differentiate and confirm features and functionality for each flavor of Sage 50 software. Each video targets a specific customer profile, from single-user to enterprise-level businesses.

I gathered input from sales, marketing, user experience, product and legal, and developed four scripts. Once finalized, I roughed out visuals and developed four animated promo variations. I directed, recorded, and edited voice over working with an internal voice talent, and I added a musical selection by my friend, Pat Strawser.

The iconic illustrations are mostly original with a few simple modifications from a set of stock icons to speed up the production, including a few tool icons (screwdriver, wrench, saw, etc.), the forklift, the tractor-trailer, a stop watch and a pad lock. The line elements drifting in the background were part of the Sage brand, along with the color palette.

Sage 50 Complete

Sage 50 Pro

Sage 50 Premium

Sage 50 Quantum

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