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About Sage Advisor

Sage Advisor is a proprietary system of personalized user assistance created for Sage 50 Accounting software. By tracking customer usage and purchase history, Sage Advisor can recommend relevant partner services, thereby monitizing the user experience through big data while also measuring change in behavior. Sage Advisor also seeks to address customer retention and reduce support call volume. More about the UX strategy by the creator of Sage Advisor here.

I created designs to support Sage Advisor, including a landing page, YouTube channel, custom player, in-product launch pad, and interactive created for enrollment into Sage University courses. Working with the subject matter expert, I created a library of branded, animated demos to explain specific processes, for which I also edited scripts and recorded and directed voice over.

Sage Advisor Landing Page

Functional demo site here. Live site of the Sage Advisor Landing Page.
This screen shot is cropped - the actual site is long scroll designed at the request of the Sage Advisor director.
The cartoon characters were created by an agency, and the site design meets corporate branding guidelines for 2012-13.
I wrote the descriptive copy used in the flash and content sections.

Partner-level YouTube Channel

Designed and maintained for hosting Sage Advisor videos.

Sage Advisor Player Skin

Live player example here.
Videos appear in a pop-up window with the player skin.

In-Product Opening Screen

I designed several variations on the opening screen. The first design intends to introduce dynamic elements that provide convenience
and also recommend user-specific content that tie in with Sage Advisor. The second image was the simplified version that was settled upon
by the director which was more suitable for the amount of content we had available at the time.

This simplified version was the choice of the director based on the amount of content we had available at the time,
and his desire to simplify user options (compared to my previous design and content suggestions).
I designed the bottom portion which was appended to what was an existing screen.

In-Product Launchpad Screen

Example of the 'Getting Started Launchpad' screen which will connect customers
to the Sage Advisor content within the screen in which they are working.

Sage University Interactive Maps

Sage University asked for a more intuitive and visual way to enroll in advanced classes.
I designed the interface and brought on a developer for coding.
View the live site for U.S.

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