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This interactive map represents the migration of the northern pintail during spring and fall between three breeding areas and two wintering areas, according to the research of Brady Mattsson, a research ecologist for the U.S. Geological Survey.

Brady drew the original map and migration paths in Microsoft Word, which I brought into Flash. After discussing his communication objectives and interactive needs which include both online communication and speaker presentations, I adjusted colors, animated the migration paths, and added interface buttons for displaying various views.

The user selects one of the two seasons or a comparitive map showing both seasons, and may then either play to show migration paths, loop the paths constantly, or stop, and may reveal regional labels globally with the 'label' icon or may mouse over each region to reveal abbreviated regional labels individually. The next phase of development will allow users to click on the colored regions for detailed maps of each - the Prairie Pothole map currently serves as a placeholder until other regional maps are provided.

Conceptual development by Brady Mattsson, Mike Runge, Jim Devries, Scott Boomer, John Eadie, and Bob Clark.

Prairie Pothole map to Jim Devries.